Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual Parenting

children’s class children’s class

Participants in this innovative Spiritual Parenting Program find encouragement to fulfill their role as the primary educators of children; establish the spiritual practices of prayer and daily readings in the home; practice the skills of encouraging, guiding, educating, and training their children; and pursue their own ongoing spiritual and practical development as parents. It is also a valuable program for grandparents and other caregivers.

Spiritual Parenting Course One Topics


Eleven Sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each

Introductory Session — The Station of Parents

Honoring the Station of Parents
Welcome to the Parenting Program
Overview of the Parenting Program including
Experiencing the Core Curriculum Learning Model

Session One — Standards of Parenthood

Love in the Family of Bahá’u’lláh
The Power of Example
Plan of Action

Session Two — The Spiritual Development of Parents

The Promise of Divine Assistance
Spiritual Growth Plan

Session Three — The Spiritual Reality of the Child

Recognizing the Spiritual Reality of the Child
A Perspective on Human Development—Stages of Maturity
Parents Helping Parents

Session Four — Fostering the Spiritual Development of Children

The Power of Love
The Power of Encouragement
Guiding Children Using the Bahá’í Writings
Parents Helping Parents

Session Five — Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities in the Family

Family Roles
Appreciating Roles, Rights, and Responsibilties within the Family
Reciprocal Love and Responsibility

Session Six — Fostering Family Relationships

Families with a Purpose
Working Together
Planning Service as a Family
Parents Helping Parents

Session Seven — Nurturing a Spiritual Environment

A Spiritual Environment in the Home
Engaging Volition
Creating Habits and Routines
A Home of Joy and Delight

Session Eight — Character Training

“I Wish to Train You”
Exploration of the Writings
Laws of Nature, Family Rules
Setting Family Rules and Consequences
Parents Helping Parents

Session Nine — Loving Discipline

Loving and Effective Discipline
The Power of Utterance
Parents Helping Parents
Closing Activity: Mining the Gems

Session Ten — Family Consultation

The Power of Listening
Parents Helping Parents
The Power of Action


Spiritual Parenting Course Two Topics

Twelve Sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each

Session One — The Joys and Challenges of Parenting

The Greatest of All Services
Growth Through Challenge
Parents Helping Parents

Session Two — Nurturing Spirituality in Children

Nurturing Spirituality in Children
Nurturing the Soul
The Value of This Day
Parents Helping Parents

Session Three — The Purpose of Spiritual Education

The Purpose of Spiritual Education
Spiritual Foundations for Family Life
Mining the Gems
Parents Helping Parents

Session Four — Guiding Children Spiritually

Guiding Children Spiritually
Learning From Nature
Parents Helping Parents

Session Five — Consultation and Reflection

Practicing Consultation
The Power of Reflection
Parents Helping Parents

Session Six — Research and Action

Researching the Bahá’í Writings
The Power of Action
Parents Helping Parents

Session Seven — Spiritual Education in the Home

Spiritual Education
“Seize Thy Chance”
Parents Helping Parents
A Closing Activity: Music—A Ladder for the Soul

Session Eight — Love in the Human Family

Appreciating Diversity
The Principle of Oneness
Teaching Children About Oneness
The Power of Unity: The Example of Louis Gregory
Parents Helping Parents

Session Nine — The Child-Development Centered Community

Community Roles and Responsibilities
Major Features of the Child-Development Centered Community
Community Web
Parents Helping Parents

Session Ten — Bahá’í Classes Open to All

Using Stories to Teach Children
Teachable Moments
Parents Helping Parents

Session Eleven — Children in the Cause of God

Full Participation in Community Life
Teachers in the Cause of God
Parents Helping Parents

Session Twelve — Love is Light

Love is Light
Stories from the Childhood of Shoghi Effendi
Methods of Showing Love
A Treasure Trove of Methods and Tools
Parents Helping Parents
Needs Assessment: What’s Next?

Core Curriculum