Marriage and Family Life

Marriage and Family Life

Spiritual Foundations for Marriage and Family Life

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Two distinct courses are available with the same basic topics, a course for married couples, and a course for individuals preparing for marriage.

These courses address marriage as the foundation for vibrant and loving family life, the bedrock of growing communities. Marriage workshops relate self-knowledge to success in marriage, develop the skill of consultation, explore roles and relationships within marriage, and offer strategies to solve problems and preserve marriages.

Course Modules

Module One — Know Your Own Self

Know Your Own Self
Self Has Two Natures
Call Yourself Into Account
The Foundation of Marriage: Reflection

Module Two — Consultation

True Spiritual Consultation
Practicing Consultation

Module Three — A Fortress for Well-Being

Power of Love
What is Love?
Overcoming Difficulties Within Marriage
Sexuality Within Marriage
Marriage Questionnaire
Devotional Program “The Lover and The Divine Beloved”

Module Four — A Divinely Ordained Institution

Marriage Stories of Hands of the Cause
Purpose of Marriage
Preserving Marriage—Preventing Divorce

Module Five — Family Life

Equality in Marriage
Roles of Family Members
Balancing Family Life and Service to the Cause
Summary and Closure

Core Curriculum