Race Unity

Race Unity

Race Unity

children’s class

Race Unity workshops, based on direct study of the Bahá’í sacred texts, establish loving, spiritual environments for addressing the complexities of the most challenging issue in America, and training Bahá’ís and others in actions that foster unity in firesides and public meetings, and in every aspect of community life.

Course Modules

Module One — Qualities and Preparation: Your Role as a Race Unity Worker

Spiritual Framework for the Race Unity Worker
Standards of the Race Unity Worker
Historical Legacy of the Race Unity Worker

Module Two — A New Race: The Human Race

Destiny of Children as a New Race
Standards and Attributes of a New Race

Module Three — Creating Racially Harmonious Environments
for the Building of Prejudice-Free Communities

A Shared Vision of Oneness
A Shared Participation by All
A Shared Approach: Love, Service, Prayer

Module Four — A New Design for Race Unity: From Words to Actions

A Learning Framework
Designing the Race Unity Project
Manifesting Diversity in the Community

Core Curriculum